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Abundance - Beneficial bacteria biochemical fertilizer. Abundance is a biochemical fertilizer catalyst. The typical application combines Abundance with the grower’s standard fertilizer product.
Healthy, beneficial bacteria. Bacteria measure .2 to 600 micrometers in length, usually 1 -2 micrometers (a human hair is 50 – 100 micrometers in diameter!)   Factoid supplied by the Oregon State Extension Office.
Billions and Trillions of Bacteria Facts
  Healthy, Beneficial bacteria Abundance  contains 300,000,000 cfu/ml Bacillus subtilis compared to the leading competitor product that contains only 300,000 cfu/ml.  Factoid supplied by Abundance and competitor product labels.
  Healthy, beneficial bacteria.
Bacteria make possible the digestion of foods in many kinds of animals. Certain kinds of bacteria are also essential in the decay and decomposition of waste materials. Decomposers attack dead materials and break them down into simpler forms that can be used as nutrients by plants.  Finally, bacteria are involved in the production of many foods eaten by humans.  Factoid supplied by

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