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Our expertise lies in large scale custom fermentation of microorganisms belonging to the Genera Pseudomonas and Bacillus; however, we have experience in cultivation of a number of microorganisms. We routinely provide fermentation services for proprietary strains and do so either under Osprey's parameters or those desired by our client.

Pilot Fermentation
We prefer to perform pilot fermentations of proprietary strains on a laboratory scale prior to large-scale production-sized runs. This allows our scientists to troubleshoot fermentation of new strains to increase the likelihood of success on a large scale. A stringent strain identification and maintenance procedure is performed on all incoming strains to increase the potential of commercial feasibility.

Commercial Scale-Up
Not all strains are conducive to attaining commercially feasible yields in large-scale custom fermentation. We can formulate optimal growth mediums and parameters for a variety of microorganisms.

Product Stabilization
The viability of microorganisms post-fermentation can often be transient, so our scientists work with each client to find suitable stabilization methods in dried, frozen, and liquid forms.

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