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Osprey Biotechnics' sole business is industrial microbiology. We are experts in isolating, characterizing, growing, and stabilizing beneficial bacteria. We produce high quality custom culture concentrates through toll manufacturing of our client's proprietary strains. Osprey also markets its own innovative microbial products by forming strategic alliances with market leaders in their respective fields. Our mission is to produce high quality cultures and bio-products and sell them at a fair price, thereby developing long-lasting business relationships with our customers.

This mission can only be achieved by absolute dedication to the following areas of focus:
1) Stringent Quality Control
All of the microbial cultures and bio-products we produce are subjected to strict quality control procedures which meet or exceed industry standards.
2) Advanced Research and Development
Osprey's team of devoted bright, energetic scientists continually work to develop novel technologies and improve processes allowing us to offer innovative products and high quality cultures to our customers at a fair price.
3) Excellent Customer Service
The key to building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our clients is to provide excellent customer service. This is achieved through superior technical and scientific assistance, timely and attentive customer communication, and adaptability to meet our customers' unique or specific requirements.

To further our mission, Osprey has committed itself to providing creative and innovative solutions to our customers' needs. We are committed to conducting our business in a completely honest and ethical way in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. Further, we are committed to adhering to quality standards above industry levels and to meet those standards at all times.

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