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MPB & BPB Powder Blends

MPB and BPB are comprehensive biological, industrial, and municipal wastewater treatments.  MPB and BPB perform synergistically because they contain two types of bacterial strains, Bacillus and Pseudomonas.  These bacterial strains compliment each other to provide all-around treatment performance by generating enzymatically active and targeted degradation.  Specifically, these bacteria have exceptional targeted enzyme production of lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase, urease, pectinase, and chitinase, to speed the degradation and digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose and starches.

The MPB and BPB powder blends are designed to treat common wastewater organics including animal and vegetable fat, oil, and grease buildup, and to help lower BOD and COD levels.  Both MPB and BPB will lower overall sludge buildup and provide a osprey biotechnics microbial productsbalanced biological population to help avoid upsets.  MPB and BPB perform well in all environments, including low oxygen environments.

MPB and BPB are important important microbial products which aid in stabilizing treatment plant operations, especially when inconsistent loading occurs.  These blends will aid in system start-ups and upset recovery.  MPB and BPB bacteria grow within the treatment plant and develop a beneficial biofilm along the hard surfaces of the system, helping to avoid total plant upsets.  They further encourage settling of solids, which results in a cleaner effluent discharge.

MPB and BPB reduce odors associated with organic loading and hydrogen sulfide gas production.  Special blends are available to target and degrade high concentration of soluble sugar in waste streams. 

These microbial products are sold in regular and super concentrations.

Bioaugmentation: A safe, sensible way to eliminate stubborn industrial and commercial wastes. Public and political pressures continue to mount on industry to provide safe solutions to problems of eliminating various pollutants in their waste stream..... and our precious water resources! These concerns demand that business and industry find the most efficient means to use earth’s natural resources, and yet return them quickly to the environment, FREE of chemical contaminants.

“The term ‘clean technologies’ is defined as ‘ ...product technologies that reduce pollution or waste, energy use, or material use in comparison to the technologies that they replace'.” - EPA

BIOAUGMENTATION is the application of biological treatment for cleanup of industrial wastes and hazardous chemicals. This “natural” environmental solution has grown from an unknown technology to one of the major treatment methods of choice to enhance these cleanups. Bioaugmentation is extremely cost-effective compared to other treatment technologies. Further, biological treatment destroys most organic wastes, leaving only harmless end products -- thus eliminating any future environmental rists or liabilities.

Here’s what the Scientific/Academic community is saying about modern bioaugmentation treatments for industrial wastewater applications :

“In industry, often the biomass present needs reinforcement to increase its degradation efficiency. A method currently in use is bioaugmentation....”

“The usefulness of bioaugmentation is its cost-effectiveness.”

“The treatment of wastewater with microorganisms is a very common technique within industry. . . . . these contaminants must be removed so as to comply with EPA standards.”

To achieve the greatest removal of contaminants from the waste stream by the most cost-effective method, the best cultures of bacteria and microorganisms must be selected..... This is accomplished through bioaugmentation.” - Rensselear Polytechnic Institute

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