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Munox ® Series 1 is combined of a synergist blend of naturally occurring stabilized Pseudomonas strains of bacteria with exceptionally high degradation capabilities.  Munox ® Series 1 has been successfully applied to improve the wastewater treatment system or in clean-up operations of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes in the following types of operations:

Chemical and Solvent Manufacturers
Collection Systems and Lift Stations
Meat and Poultry Producers
Food Processors
Grease Traps and Oil Water Seaprators
Oil Reclaimers and Refineries
Vechile/Truck Wash
Military Istallations
Industrial Laundries
Washwater/Reclaim/Recycle Systems

The Natural Solution for Grease-Free Lift Stations

Treatment with the all-new Munox ® Series 1 program for natural grease fighting results in typical FOG reductions of 50% to 70%! That means free-flowing lift stations and feeder lines, plus a more efficient overall wastewater treatment operation.

This is a recent case from a residential lift station in the southern US…their grease problem was so bad, it was “sticking” the floats in the well, cutting off the pumps, & causing nasty backups. And operators know what that means: jetting, pumping & hauling, or even digging up and replacing a wet well and/or feeder lines. A costly “remedy” in itself, without factoring in the inconvenience of noisy, smelly, dirty, unsettling repairs. Nor does this remedy the symptoms from recurring!

Simple treatment with the Munox® Series 1 Lift Station System reduced the FOG levels at this location by 70% in three months. No further backup problems have occurred since administering this ongoing treatment plan. Before & After photos (30 daytreatment period) are shown above.

This station was initially treated with a Five-Gallon quantity of Munox® Series 1, with an ONGOING maintenance program of a half-gallon per week thereafter. Compared to cleaning/pumping/hauling costs of thousands or in-ground repair costs of tens of thousands! And no guarantee the same grease-related headaches won’t crop up again and again at the very same location. Those reactive “remedies” don’t solve the problem, because the same contributors to the system will keep pouring the same grease down their drains & disposals, perpetuating the same scenario over and over again. The proven Series 1 System is a PROACTIVE approach to naturally degrade these clogging wastes at the their biological source, and prevent future buildups/failures.

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