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Munox Series 5 was specifically developed to consume inorganic nitrogen such as ammonia, nitrate or nitrite and phenolic compounds.  High ammonia concentrations in wastewater effluent are a common problem for municipal and industrial treatment plants.  Munox Series 5 eliminates this problem through natural biological digestion.  Usually, significant  (40-50%) ammonia reduction occurs within 24-48 hours of dosing.

Munox Series 5 is a patented wastewater inoculant utilizing natural, live bacterial cultures for efficient degradation and control of ammonia, organic nitrogen and BOD common to the poultry and agriculture industries. The Munox Series 5 Series is a safe, all-natural product which complies with environmental regulations.  The wastewater treatment inoculant is comprised of non-pathogenic, naturally occuring microbial strains specifically isolated for exceptional performance at eliminating a wide range of recalcitrant compounds prevalent in food processing wastewater.  Treatment with Munox Series 5 is an effective, safe and cost-effective method of eliminating troublesome organics from a poultry processing waste stream.

These versatile bacterial strains are insensitive to temperature and pH fluctuations, delivering consistent ammonia removal even in cold winter weather.  Munox Series 5 has been shown to reduce poultry processors' ammonia levels by 50% in just 48 hours.  As a stabilized, live vegetative technology, the microoganisms arrive "alive", ready to go to work immediately to eliminate a host of stubborn organic compounds. Munox Series 5 significantly reduces odors and corrosion, as well as FOG, BOD/TSS, COD, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, and sludge.

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