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Quality Control... The Backbone of our Business

scStrict quality control is essential to success in industrial fermentation microbiology. Osprey's quality control scientists are exclusively dedicated to ensuring that all microbial cultures produced are absent by test of pathogenic and unwanted microorganisms in addition to meeting or exceeding respective activity assays.

We use classical microbial analyses such as those used in food processing. In this regard, we employ the use of enrichment procedures, selective and differential microbial plating media, and classic biochemical assays for safety assurance of our cultures. Additionally, we have adopted the use of new technologies for pathogen detection which are commercially available and designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

To complement safety assurance parameters, all cultures and products are confirmed to meet or exceed their respective specified activity. Methodologies include cell enumeration via serial dilution plating, commercially available metabolic and enzymatic assays, genetic confirmation, and custom activity tests prepared by Osprey's scientists.

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