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Customer Service
The Sales Philosophy of Osprey Biotechnics...
salesOsprey Biotechnics believes that the cornerstone of its sales department is built upon these things: quality product, exemplary customer service, innovative solutions, and on-time delivery. Along with our outstanding products, Osprey prides itself in demanding high standards of its employees, making excellent customer service a requirement.

Our goal is to go the extra mile for our customers. We accomplish this goal by offering innovative product development, novel marketing materials and assistance, superior technical and scientific assistance, and with open communication and timely responses to customer inquiries. We take it upon ourselves to become knowledgeable about each customer's business so that we can provide the best technical and scientific support possible.

Our account representatives learn our customer's needs, and then seek out the specialties within our company that can satisfy those needs. For instance, many of our custom fermentation clients request pilot fermentation work on strain optimization and scale up prior to full scale production. Other customers request development of certain marketing ideas, which we create and bring to fruition.

Timely delivery is an integral part of our sales goal. Through our billing and shipping department, we work to expedite the shipment of all orders, based upon the customer's requested date of delivery. Our goal is prompt shipment and on-time service.

Our company sales and technical representatives make in-person visits and communicate via phone and e-mail to customers throughout the country and world. Our sales team is dedicated to working hard and providing strict attention to detail to create a positive and satisfying experience for our customers.

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